We've tried listings concerts here on the web site but the main problem with them is that if you check Bryan's concert schedule today there might be nothing in your area. Then a concert could be scheduled right after you check the web site but you would never know about it because you checked before the concert was scheduled.

We've researched and tried many ways to notify people about Bryan Duncan's concerts in their area. None of the approaches worked perfectly but we've settled on these three.

1) Bryan Duncan's private forum is your best source of information about his live performances. We'll let you know where he's singing, invite you to private performances, and more. You'll find information about his private forum below. The forum also is where Bryan (and others) can share a lot more with people who encourage and pray for each other.

Bryan is adding new content all the time…concert reports, stories, music, videos, and more. And because it is private, he can go more in depth that people typically do on social media.

You get a free membership, his Soul Furnace Reports (which also include concert news) and other rewards, as a Patron, by helping Bryan share new videos, or if you backed a past campaign that produced his latest albums.  

2) We use Facebook groups to inform you when Bryan's doing a concert in your area once the concert is scheduled. 

Facebook groups are easy enough to use that Bryan can post information about his concerts himself. When you're an independent artist it is important to have tools you can use yourself since you don't have a team of people like artists signed to big record companies have.

So, we notify people of his upcoming concerts by posting information to the nearest Good For The Soul groups. You can join a group near you and Bryan will post in the group when he has a concert in your area. 

3) You can also subscribe to his free newsletter here. If you opt for #1 above, you don't need the newsletter...you'll already get much more than it includes.