Bryan Duncan writes, records, and sings songs that encourage, motivate, and influence people. Discover some of his most recent songs here. Watch his videos and discover how he makes them here

Personalized Videos

We can create personalized video messages or tributes for you, like the examples here.

Bryan Duncan's Private Forum

Bryan Duncan's private forum is the best place to connect with him personally. It's where Bryan (and others) can share a lot more with people who encourage and pray for each other. He's investing more of his time and efforts there. He can do so much more than is possible on social media and everyone there has invested in him in some way.

You get a free membership, and other rewards, if you back support Bryan Duncan. After you back a campaign you receive an invitation to the forum with instructions. 

Bryan is adding new content all the time…concert reports, stories, music, videos, and more. And because it is private, he can go more in depth that people typically do on social media.


Social Media

 While Bryan's primary focus is the people in his private forum, he also connects with people on social media.

“I'm a social media enthusiast," says Duncan. "I love interacting with people on social media like FacebookYouTube, and Vimeo.

If you aren't a member of Bryan's private forum but would still like to be among the first to know when Bryan Duncan will be performing in your area, click here and select the locations near you and get Bryan's newsletter here.


Serving With Bryan

If you're interested in serving with Bryan, contact him in his private forum or connect with his manager here.
Here are some ways you can help right now.
1) You can share any of his Facebook posts. Simply click share, and add any comments you want to make. You can share to your own timeline, FB groups you’re in, to a friend that you think would be interested, etc.
2) Feel free to share any of the many videos we’ve produced at any time. Some of those are here.
4) Back and share the campaign to offer more videos.