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  • Videos lead to invitations for Bryan Duncan to do concerts, services, and special events. They improve the attendance at concerts. You can share his videos with possible concert hosts and use them to invite friends to a concert. 
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We're happy to show our appreciation for your support by giving you digital album downloads, CDs, and DVDs that you want but can also include things like concerts, personal appearances, coaching or help with your project, tributes to a loved one, a photo or video session, handwritten lyrics, special videos, and more. You can choose the level of support you want to provide and then work with us to create a custom reward that's right for you. Let's get creative and design a perk that's perfect for you.   

Bryan Duncan considers everyone who helps a "Sweet Friend Of Mine" (SFOM). Bryan expresses what your support means to him in this video.

    Bryan Duncan offers videos through his Vimeo and YouTube channels. You'll find the highest quality/resolution videos on his Vimeo channel.

    For more information on personalized videos, click here.


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