Bryan Duncan's Albums (Official Discography)


Bryan Duncan has 18 solo albums, including one in Spanish. He recorded three albums with the NehoSoul Band and seven with Sweet Comfort Band. See the complete discography below.

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Shine (2019)  Exclusively offered here.

The Live Experience (2015)  Exclusively offered here.

The Ultimate Collection (2014)  Offered here.

Conversations (2012)  Full version exclusively offered here.

Still Dancin' (2009)  Offered here.

A NehoSoul Christmas (2005)  Offered here.

Music City Live (2004)  Offered here.

Joyride (2000)  

Love Takes Time (1999)  

The Last Time I Was Here (1998)  

Blue Skies (1996)  Out of print: limited availability.

Unidos En El (1995)  

Christmas Is Jesus (1995)   Out of print: limited availability.

Quiet Prayers: My Utmost For His Highest (1995)   Limited availability.

Slow Revival (1994)   Out of print: limited availability.

Mercy (1992)   Out of print: limited availability.

Anonymous Confessions Of A Lunatic Friend (1990)  

Strong Medicine (1989)  

Whistlin' In The Dark (1987)  

Holy Rollin' (1986)  

Have Yourself Committed (1985)  

The NehoSoul Band   

Still Dancin' (2009)  Out of print: limited availability.

A NehoSoul Christmas (2005) Available here.

Music City Live (2004)  Available here.

Sweet Comfort Band  

The Waiting Is Over (2013)  Limited availability.

Perfect Timing (1984)  

Cutting Edge (1982)  

Hearts Of Fire (1981)  

Hold On Tight (1980)  

Breaking The Ice (1979)  

Sweet Comfort (1977)

The Live Experience

Bryan Duncan and Friends

Bryan Duncan and friends (Bob Carlisle, Tony Hooper, Brianne Mathews, Yvette C. Williams and more). Produced by Christopher Redner.

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